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Our Company was founded in 1992 with the aim to manufacture and supply the products and services needed in marine and sea products sector. In line with incoming orders during the last 14 years our company became specialized in steel construction.
Targeting to provide good quality and high productivity, our company started to renew its organisation to implement a high level of worker training and computer support.

Being a team who enjoyed the beauty and endured the hardness of the sea in the past, we give the highest priorities to endurance standarts and ontime delivery.

We are proud of our product range whose designs and manufacture belong to us. Our products meeting the needs for marine Works, like mooring and marker buoys among many others, and delivered to distinguished companies like T?pra?, Petrol Ofisi, Setur, Dardanel e.t.c., showed their quality and durability during their service periods
In Turkey, %30 of open sea fish farm companies are using our products such as Anchors, Collectors and rings and this is the tangible prof of the reality of our self confidence.

We beleive that our high standart products, suitable prices, professionalizm in servicing are the main factors for our customers' preference of us and our products.

Besides our main production line, we design and manufacture as coupons, service vessels like Workboats and Barges, Open sea Marker and Mooring buoys and other marine contracts and components.

Our present production facilities are on a 650 m2 closed, 1.300 m2 open area work sites. Our specialized personel continuously seek for new Technologies and work fastidiously to provide the services and goods asked from us. In 2007 , we will continue our Works on a 2.500 m2 closed, 1.000 m2 open sites situated in Aliaga Organized Industrial Zone.

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